Commonly asked questions in regards to our skincare products.

1. How do I know which serum is best for me?
We are proud that we offer samples of all of our serums, but below states which serum would be beneficial for each skin type.
- sensibleLAX: Meant for sensitive skin
- séchéPHX: Meant for dry skin
- huileuxMIA: Meant for combination skin (Dry/Oily)

2. How long will the serums last?
Based on twice daily usage
5mL serums: 60 - 90 days
20mL serums: 240 - 270 days
All products have a shelf life of 365 days.

3. How much of the serum am I supposed to use?
After cleansing your face place 1 drop on your forehead and 1 drop on each cheek. Use 3-4 fingers to spread throughout your face and neck.